Successful CPA Marketing – The Power of Custom Binding Solutions

You are sitting across the table from your client or prospect. Your firm’s credibility is about to undergo a major test as you present their report (e.g. tax return, financial report, sales proposal, firm profile, audit report). The client opens the business report cover and begins to review the document. They begin to evaluate your expertise and the value you provide based on the quality of the contents and the quality of the presentation (imprinted presentation folder). Ultimately, the client wants to know if you did your homework and do you care about them. In their mind, they are asking, “Is this worth my investment?” How well does your credibility stack up? You’ve done your homework and the content is right on target. But what about the business report cover you use to assemble it in? Does it look as meticulous as the contents or does it look like an afterthought? That’s where the power of imprinted presentation folders comes in. How well do you market your end product? Do you dress your work for success? More often than not using quality custom binding solutions will be a key factor in successful CPA marketing. [divider_hr top=”20″ bottom=”20″]

Imprinted Presentation Folders – Increases Your Credibility

When speaking in front of a group, it’s not only what we say but also how we say it that creates our believability. The same is true with custom imprinted presentation folders. Each cover should meet these imprinting criteria:

  • Elegantly and professionally show your firm name
  • Prominently display the client name on the front cover
  • Documents contents are easily seen on the cover / spine for ease of client filing
Your credibility is greatly enhanced when you package your work in a manner that says you really know what you are doing. Be sure to present your services with a product that portrays a strong credibility statement and workmanship on your behalf with custom designed imprinted presentation folders.

Business Report Covers – Builds Value for Your Work

Does your client perceive the intellectual capital your firm invested in preparing their reports? A partner in a CPA firm said “I never thought high quality embossed business report covers would make a difference – but it certainly has. I can’t believe we didn’t do this year’s ago. Our clients consistently comment on the look and quality of our work.” When you and your team show total client commitment and assemble documents in quality business report covers, you are marketing your firm with a brand of value. Firms justify premium prices when they deliver premium services. Be sure your covers are made of high quality double thick cotton cover stock. When business report covers are composed of this cover stock, a strong archival value is generated to indicate your firm’s permanence and position in the marketplace.

Custom Binding Solutions – Creates Distinction and Referrals

What statement do your reports and proposals portray about your firm? A significant component that forms these perceptions is the level of custom binding solutions you choose for your firm. Distinctive business report covers help magnify the positive aspects of your firm such as:

  • Credibility
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellence
  • Professional abilities
  • Distinction
  • Positive image
When the above qualities are consistently demonstrated using custom binding solutions they can create a strong referral value. Custom binding solutions communicates the values of your firm that words alone cannot convey. What statement are you making to your clients? Let them see and appreciate the culmination of your years of experience, knowledge, and effort. Imprinted presentation folders, in the marketing of your firm’s services, create differentiation and generate referrals.


What statement are you making to your clients? Brand your work with distinction using custom binding solutions to show that you care about all aspects of your business. Presenting client documents in custom binding solutions is a superb way to bridge the gap from lackluster to distinctive and from ordinary to extraordinary.