Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ Top-Bound

Create a strong value statement for your firm…
to increase the perceived and billable value of your work.

The intellectual capital you invest in client documents demands quality packaging to create professional value. The Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ allows you to permanently bind documents with staples or easily take pages out.

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The key features of the Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ include:


• Mix and match top and side bound styles for quantity pricing
• Flexible design for tax, report and financial documents
• No special binding machines are required
• Available in 3 sizes (hold up to 140+ pages)
• Also available in side-bound style.

The Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ is ideal for:

• Tax Returns
• Wills and Trusts

Available in rebindable and permanent binding systems:




PermaTRIFLEX™. Permanently bind pages using concealed staples.

RebindTRIFLEX™. Easily take apart and rebind documents. Bind pages using prong fasteners.