Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ Side-Bound

Win and keep key clients…
to increase the perceived and billable value of your work.

Perception truly is reality. Be sure to clearly demonstrate your expertise with the Invis-a-bind CoverSet™. This cover allows you to permanently bind documents with staples or easily take pages out.

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The Key features of the Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ include:


• Mix and match top and side bound styles for quantity pricing
• Flexible design for tax, reports and financial documents
• No special binding machines are required
• Available in 3 sizes (hold up to 140+ pages)
• Also available in top-bound style

The Invis-a-bind CoverSet™ is ideal for:

• Financial Statements
• Firm Profiles
• Recruiting
• Marketing Plans
• Wills and Trusts
• Business Reports
• Sales Proposals
• Financial Planning

Available in rebindable and permanent binding systems:




PermaTRIFLEX™. Permanently bind pages using concealed staples.

RebindTRIFLEX™. Easily take apart and rebind documents. Bind pages using prong fasteners.